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Administration - Corporate Tax UAE


Every business on whom corporate tax will be applicable would be required to get itself registered with the Federal Tax Authority within prescribed period of time and shall obtain Tax Registration Number. If any business does not register itself voluntarily, FTA is empowered to automatically register it for the purpose of corporate tax.


If the businesses ceases to be subject to corporate tax by the reason of cessation or liquidation of the business or due to any other reason, then such business would be required to make an application to FTA for deregistering itself within three months from the date of cessation.

Upon receipt of an application for the purpose of deregistration, the FTA would examine the application and will deregister the business only after satisfying that the person has filed all the corporate tax returns, paid all the tax liabilities including penalties (if any), up to the date of cessation of the business.

Where the business does not make an application for deregistering itself within the prescribed time period, then FTA may deregister the business on the basis of information available with it.

Filing, Payment and Refund

Under the corporate tax law, businesses are required to file only a single tax return for each tax period along with the relevant supporting schedules, thereby keeping the compliance and administration burden at the minimum.

Businesses are required to submit tax returns and supporting schedules within a period of nine months from the end of the tax period. Further, the corporate tax liability arising for any tax period would also be required to be discharged within nine months from the end of the relevant tax period.

In case of a refund, the taxpayer can apply to FTA for a refund.

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