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Abu Dhabi Free Zones

Companies seeking to expand overseas can benefit from setting up their operations in Abu Dhabi free zones. Opening an Abu Dhabi freezone company may be complex and paper-intensive. With us it is now possible to register a company in Abu Dhabi freezone without leaving the country. In a nutshell, we simplify this process and enable you to set up an Abu Dhabi Freezone company in the shortest amount of time.


Consult an Abu Dhabi freezone company formation expert to learn about the various benefits of setting up a business in the UAE. Even still, there are some benefits, such as 100% exemption of import and export taxes, 100% privacy with limited financial reporting, assistance toward staff visas and housing, etc. 



Abu Dhabi's Masdar City is yet another ideal freezone region for company registration in the UAE. Masdar City in Abu Dhabi provides a freezone company setup for technology based companies, green technology and renewable energy companies. 


We are the right choice for any media or advertising company planning to expand in Abu Dhabi free zone, or for those who want to start up in the Abu Dhabi free zone. The zone has many national and international media companies. Office setups, ample infrastructure, access to free-hold property, and limited reporting obligations ensure complete privacy for investors in the region.


A freezone in Abu Dhabi focused on entrepreneurship that provides an incubator for SMEs is the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). It also provides cost-effective workspaces as well as world-class infrastructures that allow various sectors, ranging from trade to industrial to logistics, to run their businesses.

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