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Economic Substance Regulation

The UAE issued economic substance regulations (the “Regulations”) in April 2019, amended by Cabinet Resolution No.57 of 2020 in August 2020, which introduced a requirement for UAE entities to maintain an adequate “economic presence” in the UAE relative to the activities they undertake.

The UAE economic substance requirements apply to all UAE onshore and free zone companies and certain other business forms that undertake one or more “Relevant Activity” for financial years commencing on or after 1 January 2019.

Our Services

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ESR Setup

If the Economic Substance Regulation applies to your business, we will assist you in determining if the requirements for satisfying the Economic Substance are being satisfied.

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ESR Consultancy

The Aspire Consulting provides recommendations and improvements to ensure compliance with Economic Substance Regulation in the UAE.

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ESR Documentation

The Aspire Consulting assists the Licensee in filing Information Notification with the relevant authorities and maintaining adequate documentation. 

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The Aspire Consulting is a leading Management Consulting firm is UAE, with a presence across India, UAE, European and Far-east countries etc. ​

Collectively, we serve a credible base of clients in various sectors including FMCG, Manufacturing, Shipping & services etc.

Meet the Team


Romil Singhvi

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Fellow Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary
5 years of experience


Rajneesh Singhvi

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Fellow Chartered Accountant, Insolvency Professional

30 years of experience


Rea Singhvi

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Associate Chartered Accountant

3 years of Experience


Prachi Mishra

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Associate Company Secretary

4 years of Experience


Kanupriya Singhvi

Associate Chartered Accountant

3 years of Experience


Mohit Mehta

Fellow Chartered Accountant

7years of Experience


Apoorva Agarwal

Fellow Chartered Accountant,

7 years of experience

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