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International Free Zone Authority


Due to the IFZA's economic growth over the years, the free zone has earned the reputation of being most investor-friendly. With the free zone's future plans, the potential for growth and opportunities are limitless for entrepreneurs.

Advantages of setting up new business in an IFZA company setup

The following are a few benefits of setting up a business in the IFZA:

  • 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of capital and profits

  • No minimum paid-up share capital required

  • No personal or income tax 

  • No corporate taxes

  • Wide range of permissible business activities

  • Simple and quick set up process

  • World-class infrastructure & Global connectivity

  • Exemption from import and export duties 

(Note : you can't import into mainland UAE)

Salient features of IFZA business setup

IFZA is one of the most preferred free zones, offering many opportunities and benefits. These include:

  • IFZA authorities do not require the investor to submit an annual audit report.

  • IFZA is presently offering life-time visa and multiple years’ visa.

  • The jurisdiction offers visas for owners and employees.

  • Employee guarantee deposit to the free zone not required

  • Physical presence of investors is not required for company formation.

Licenses offered in IFZA Dubai

IFZA allows up to 7 separate activities under one license. These licenses are as follows:

  • Consultancy license

  • General license

  • Service license

  • Trading license

  • Industrial license

  • Holding license

With a general trading license, one can still sell goods on online platforms with an IFZA license, one of the few free zones in the United Arab Emirates which allows activities from different categories to be mixed. IFZA also does not recognise e-commerce as an independent activity.

International Free Zone License

IFZA license costs are also quite affordable. These packages range from zero visa packages to six visa packages. The Dubai Department of Economic Development provides approval for all business activities within IFZA as enumerated above.


IFZA visa costs are quite affordable. In addition, the IFZA authority is regularly announcing promotions and with improved pricing to provide extra incentives to the investors. 

License renewal in International Free Zone Authority

It is highly cost-effective and simple to renew your business in the IFZA free zone. After your second renewal, you will need to submit an audit report every year. You may renew your license through our help in the UAE. To complete the renewal process for your company, you must pay the renewal fee and submit the signed lease agreement for your facility.

Business liquidation in IFZA free zone

As with the renewal process, company liquidation may also be accomplished through our professional assistance without the physical presence of the owner. A government fee will be required to complete the company liquidation.


Company liquidation takes about 1 month to be completed and involves the following steps:

  • Cancellation of visas

  • Termination of lease agreement

  • Closure of bank account


Go ahead and set up your business now to get started on your business journey in this land of dreams, 

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